Adolf Kitler was a soldier during WW1.

After this he became a spy looking at extremist parties. However he became so impressed with the Nazi party and their ideals that he joined. In no time at all he became leader and began to produce a 25 point plan.

Hitler blamed the Jews and used them as a scapegoat. Their is lots of speculation to why but some factors that contributed may have been:

  1. When he was younger he wanted to be a painter however the Jews turned down his artwork, left bitter he struggled to get by
  2. Europe had already been anti-jewish for hundreds of years

Hitler loved his dog, however he shot it and his wife and children on the night he commited suicide.

Hitler was an extremist with a ruthless lust for power. He dreamed of an pure Aryan race (similar to Harry Potter and 'mudbloods', also Star Wars is loosly based upon it like storm troopers being the SS)

Hitler was a wanker

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