Every living organism, except for viruses, are made up of cells. Cells from different kingdoms have different features. A human being is made up of around a billion (million million cells.

Features found in all cells[edit | edit source]

  • Cytoplasm - a jelly like substance which consists of water also proteins and other substances. Metabolic reactions take place in the cytoplasm.
  • Semi-permeable membrane - through which substances may move in and out of the cell. Only certain substances may pass through, hence the semi. Cell membranes are flexible and allow cells to change shape.
  • Nucleus - Contains DNA arranged as chromosomes.

Features found only in plant cells[edit | edit source]

  • Cell wall - made of cellulose. it makes a plant cell more rigid.
  • Chloroplasts - a jelly solution of chemicals where cell storesits food.
  • Vacuole - contains cell sap - water, sugars and amino acids. Act as a storage area for plant cells. Animal cells can contain vacuoles and are never as large as the ones in plant cells.

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