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There are many landforms that have been formed by coastal processes such as Erosion and Deposition.

Features created by Erosion[edit | edit source]

Chalk arch at Flamborough Head, Yorkshire

  • Cave - created by the force of the waves attacking the cliffs. A point of weakness will eventually form a notch, then a cave after being attacked by the sea.
  • Arch - As a cave grows, it will sometimes meet another cave through a headland. This is an arch. Good examples include Flamborough Head, Yorkshire (chalk) and Durdle Door, Dorset (limestone).
  • Stack and stump - These form after an arch collapses, e.g. Old Harry, Dorset (chalk), The Needles, Isle of Wight (chalk)
  • Cliffs
    • Soft rock cliff, e.g. rapidly eroding boulder clay cliffs in Holderness, Yorkshire
    • Hard rock cliff, e.g. granite cliffs at Land's End, Cornwall
      • Wave cut platform
  • Headland
  • Bay

Features created by deposition[edit | edit source]

  • Salt marsh
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