David Lloyd George was one of the three main leaders at the Paris Peace Conference. He was part of the 'Big Three', and was Britain's representative. Although he was under pressure from the British population to 'Hang the Kaiser' and 'Squeeze them under the pips squeek!', he knew that with a much weakened Germany, communism was a large threat with a impoverished Germany (Russia had already had a Communist Revolution) and Germans would not be able to buy British goods. He also did not want France to become too strong, and that a bitter Germany would one day seek her revenge. His aims were as follows:

  • He wished to reward British colonies that had helped Britain.
  • He wanted to preserve and expand Britain's empire
  • He wanted the British navy to remain the most poweful in the world

However, he already had much of what he wanted, even before the Treaty of Versailles: firstly, the removal of the German navy and also the end of Germany's colonial empire.

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