Georges Clemenceau was the French representative at the Paris Peace Conference. His nicknames were "The Tiger" and "the Father of Victory". He was under great pressure to enforce an extremely harsh treaty upon Germany, as France had suffered very badly from the war, and was full of war cripples and grieving familys. He felt that Wilson was too soft, and was distrustful of his idealism. Therefore, his aims were:

  • French security (France had been attacked by Germany in both 1870-1 and WW1, and had suffered very badly both times.)
    • German disarmament
    • Buffer teritories to protect France
  • Loss of territory
  • Very great reparations : £44bn
  • Alsace-Lorraine to be returned to France
  • The coal-producing region of the Saar to be French
  • The French empire to be extended by getting German and Turkish colonies
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