A hormone is a chemical substance which helps regulate processes in the body. Hormones are always secreted by glands and travel in the bloodstream. Hormones are usually for one organ (often called the 'target organ'). A Hormone can also be described as a chemical 'messenger'

Some different hormones[edit | edit source]

  • Insulin - used to control blood sugar levels and convert Glucose into Glycogen in the liver
  • Glucagon - used to control blood sugar levels and convert Glycogen into Glucose (yup thats a lot of confusing names to learn)
  • Auxin - Plant hormone that influences plant growth, also used in weed-killers
  • Testosterone - Produced in the male Testes and controls male secondary sexual characteristics
  • Oestrogen - Produced in the female Ovaries and controls female secondary sexual charateristics
  • HGH (human growth hormone) - controls growth in humans excess can cause gigantism too little can cause Dwarfism
  • Thyroxin - controls metabolic rates in the body excess can cause hyperactivity or ADD (attention defficit disorder) too little can cause cretinism
  • Adrenaline - also known as the fight or flight hormone can influence all parts of the body and allows people to do specific things in order to get them out of danger eg. Lift up cars or run fast
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