Physical Education, or PE for short, is the study of how our bodies work during exercise, and how to improve them.

Physical Education is a compulsary subject at primary and secondary school according to government laws but can also be taken as a GCSE option. 

Dictionary Definition -Physical Education in the care and development of the human body, stressing athletics and including hygiene.

Body Systems[edit | edit source]

System Main Organ Main Function
Skeletal Skeleton Provide a rigid framework which suports the body
Muscular Muscles Provides movement
Circulatory Heart Transports Blood
Respiratory Lungs Oxygenate the blood and disposes of Carbon dioxide
Digestive Stomach and intestine Digests food
Excretory Kidneys Removes waste products
Reproductive Sexual Organs Reproduces
Endocrine Pituitary Gland Releases hormones
Skin Skin provides protection and temperature control

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