In latin, the present tense is translated as progressive (I am eating a pie) or simple (I play football once a week). The endings are the same for every regular verb:

  • stem+o/-m (I)
  • stem+s (you s)
  • stem+t (he/she/it)
  • stem+mus (we)
  • stem+tis (you pl.)
  • stem+nt (they)

The Stem[edit | edit source]

For regular verbs, the stem is something you will have to find out - to do this, take '-re' from the end of the second principal part (the infinitive).

For example, porto - portare - portavi - portatum (principal parts)

  • portare minus 're' = porta (stem). The vowel at the end of this stem will be removed in the 1st person singular
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