Revision is a key part of any test/exam preperation. Without it you will not get very far in your studies. This topic aims at giving you tips on how to make your revision as effective as possible.

Highlighting[edit | edit source]

An ordinary highlighter is one of the most important tools in your pencil case. When reading through or making your own notes, it always helps to highlight the key words or phrases. Also do this with any handouts you recieve in class. You will pay more attention to these next time you read through the notes, hopefully embedding them into your mind. Use bright colours that stand out on the page.

Note taking[edit | edit source]

Regardless of whether you're in a lesson or at home with some spare time, it is important that you make good notes. These will be invaluable when coming to revision later on. Take notes of what the teacher is saying when in lessons, or if you cannot, do so at home. Again, highlight key points. Take notes which cover the topic well and are easy to read/understand. Diagrams are also very helpful, especially in biology, chemistry and physics.

The Internet[edit | edit source]

Have access to the net, and you have access to a powerful revision tool. There are thousands of sites which are dedicated to schoolwork. Finding those which cover your areas of learning and spending just one hour a day on them will work wonders. Popular revision sites include:

Revision groups[edit | edit source]

Your friends may know the answers to some of your questions. It is always fun getting together with a group of 3-4 of your friends and forming little lunch time revision groups. Here you can do homework together and help each other out with topics/questions some of you are not comfortable with.

Ask questions[edit | edit source]

He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who remains silent is a fool for life. Teachers are there for a reason, to help you in your work. If you do not understand a certain aspect of the subject, ask questions. Your teacher is an expert on the subject and will be able to help you out.

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