In french, the perfect tense is created by the corresponding person in the present tense of either avoir or etre, plus the past participle.

Verbs which take etre[edit | edit source]

The verbs taking etre are MRS VANDERTRAMP verbs, and reflexives.

  • Monter
  • Rester
  • Sortir
  • Venir
  • Aller
  • Naitre
  • Descendre
  • Entrer
  • Retourner
  • Tomber
  • Rentre
  • Arriver
  • Morter
  • Partir

Forming the perfect tense[edit | edit source]

The present tense of avoir/etre + the past particple. For example:

  • I came = Je suis venu
  • I wanted = J'ai voulu
  • I shat= j'ai shize
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