Treaty of Versailles - 1919 Dealing with Germany.

-Germany had to take responsibility for the war (War guilt clause)

-Germany's armed forces were reduced to 100,000 men (only volunteers) without armored vehicles, aircraft or submarine and only 6 war ships.

-German troops weren't allowed into the Rhineland. (The posh term for this is that the area was 'demilitarized')

-Germany was forced to pay £6.6 billion in reparations (for the damaged caused) the amount was changed later and would have took Germany until the 1980's to pay!

-Germany lost its empire. Area's that belonged to Germany were called Mandates, going to be run by the League of nations.

-League of Nations set up to keep world peace.

ST. Germain - 1919 Dealing with Austria.

-Separated Austria from Hungary

-Stopped Austria from joining with Germany

-Took away land (eg. Bosnia)

-Made Austria disarm.

-Created new contraries out of land taken away

Trianon - 1920 Dealing with Hungary.

-Took away land (eg. Croatia)

-Made Hungary disarm

-Created new countries out of land taken away

Neuilly - 1919 Dealt with Bulgaria

- Lost land

-Lost access to the sea

-Made Bulgaria disarm

Sevres - 1920 Dealt with Turkey

- Lost land (Part of Turkey became nee Mandates eg. Syria)

-Lost control of the Black sea


Versailles - Germany

St. Germain - Austria

Trianon - Hungary

Neuilly - Bulgaria

Sevres - Turkey

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