Baby monitors are one of the most convenient gadgets ever invented. And a video baby monitor is so much better than an ordinary baby monitor as you can both see and hear your child. There are some who believe that baby monitors lessen the interaction between parent and child, reducing the strong bond that they may have otherwise shared. The truth is that there are some who do abuse using baby monitors, relying on them to take care of their babies. However, if a video baby monitor is used wisely, it can help the parent take care of the baby better.

So, how should you use a video baby monitor without overusing it? The trick is to use the monitor only when you have to. For instance, if you have some chores that have to be done, get them done, keeping your video baby monitor close by. If you find that your baby has woken up or seems like he needs you, you can always go pick him up. Making sure that you don't leave your baby alone too long just because you have a piece of equipment monitoring him. This is the key to getting the best use out of a video baby monitor.

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